Rehabilitation exercises

Joanna -

Posted 2010-11-21

I would like to agree with the comments made by R Hennessy in regard to the reason his coccyx pain had improved. I think coccyx pain is in some cases due to the muscles becoming over tense and tightened in some areas of the buttocks and legs and too weak in other areas causing the coccyx to be pulled out of place or not adequately supported.

I have suffered with coccyx pain for 17 months which was caused by heavy gardening (pulling up weeds in a very large garden). I was unable to sit for more than 15 minutes and had bad pain every day in the evening and at night particularly if I had attempted to be active in the day. I ended up lying down most days on ice packs and heat pads. I initially took strong anti inflammatories prescribed by my GP but had such bad stomach problems from them I had to give them up. I was unable to work and got very low.

To improve my mood I had faith healing, took up meditation and went to a hypnotist to manage the pain better. This resulted in my feeling more positive.

I then went to an osteopath 5 months ago who initially worked on my muscles which were extremely tense and he could tell were pulling my coccyx to the side. The treatment was very uncomfortable at first and the initial improvements only lasted a day or 2. As time went on however after 3 months the benefits were lasting for much longer and at this stage he started to give me rehabilitation exercises. Every week at the start of the session to see my progress he tested my ability to squat down and squat with one leg raised and gradually my ability started to improve.

I am still going to him once a fortnight and although I am still stiffer than most people of my age I can now sit for a couple of hours a day, I have no pain at night and can carry out normal physical tasks. I still use the ice pack a couple of times a day but hope to give it up eventually.

My suggestion would be to find an osteopath who is interested in working with this condition and stick with the treatment even though it is uncomfortable in the early stages. My osteopath listened very carefully to what I said every week and tailored my treatment around this. The meditation etc also helped me to have a positive frame of mind which I also think contributed to my improvements.

I hope this is helpful

Very best wishes Joanna

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