After a fall from a chair I started having pain at my coccyx

Rajeev -

Posted 2010-08-22

I am a 48 years old guy, 4 years back I just had a very small fall as the chair I was sitting got tilted. No pain and I was laughing myself on my clumsy action. I need to travel long distance flights sometimes for 24 hours as I live in Thailand where my business is and need to fly to US or to Europe. I do need to sit and sometimes work on my computer for longer time (duration 3-4 hours). After 3-4 months of my fall from this chair I started having pain at my Coccyx. I went and met a doctor who gave me some anti inflammation tablets for two weeks but they never helped. Then I was given a 1.0 ml injection (don't really know the name) and for two months there was no pain.

After two months I was again having this pain so I started meeting different doctors and requested my doctor to give another shot which he did. Relief was short this time and I was in pain again after a month. Again saw different doctors who did X rays and MRI. They did not see anything abnormal and was again given 1 mil injection. The last shot was given to me in year 2008.

Well life was Ok and I slowly got used to my pain. One year passed and I was thinking my problem was over. I could live with my pain . This year in April I was under tremendous stress because of various reasons and I was working very hard , sometimes sitting on my bed , sometimes from the sofa and working on my laptop. Not much exercising , body weight increased by 3 kilos, I was weighing 93 kilos and touched 97 kilos. By May end I was in terrible pain again, could not sit even for 30 mins, not only the tail bone area, but the area above, both buttocks bones and everything pained. By June I was in terrible shape and every night was thinking on ways how I could end my life. I have two kids and a very happy family, and the thought of living with this pain all my life has been bothering me. I am trying various things like acupuncture, massage and now am having Advil Liquid gels pain reliever tabs evening and morning(Ibuprofen 200 mg) which has reduced my pain to certain extent. Am walking 7 kms every evening and am talking to whosoever I can to find a cure.

I have heard about Sayersclinic in UK and of Dr Michael (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). I am planning to go there and see him if he can help me.All I can say is I am suffering very badly and am in constant pain, if anyone can help me on what to do , please help ! I feel like ending my life someday. My tel no is +66818464527 in case someone wishes to call me.

Best Regards,

Rajeev Sood

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