Coccyx pain from a radiofrequency ablation procedure

Barbara -

Posted 2010-10-31

Has anyone had a (right lumbar radiofrequency ablation procedure) done and immediately after had severe swelling in the sacrum all the way down to the coccyx area?

I had the procedure done because I had a severe pain in my lower right lumbar area. After the doctor ruled out kidney stones which I have had in the past I then waited a year before starting 2 years of steroid injections - none not one worked. Used 2 different pain management doctors. The last thing offered was the right lumbar radiofrequency procedure with a warning of a 5% chance something else could get disturbed. I agreed to do it out of desperation. Well I fell into the 5 %.

I now can not sit or stand for long periods of time. I now take Lorcet, Cymbalta, vitamins for the nervous system and bones and Zolpidum. I must have the Lorcet and still have horrible sleep because of the pain in the coccyx and now my hurting legs from all the lying around I am forced to do.

Worst of all I was forced to quit my wonderful job of 27 years. I tried to go back half days but was in tears by 10:00 every morning. Even while taking the lorcet I still hurt really bad. It at least covers the pain enough that I can have a limited (very small) lifestyle. My job required 90% of sitting in a chair.

I have tried heatpads and cold presses, the hot is the best. I have seen a chiropractor, 3 forms of physical therapy, many x-rays, MRI's, scans, muscle and nerve, accupunture, many injections, many types of doctors, too much medicine and am still left with a life of lying down 75% of each and every day. I do thank the Lord every day for the fact I am at least not in a wheelchair.

This was a horrible decision that I agreed too but the fact of the matter is, the doctor should never had offered to it to start with. I briefly spoke to another patient at this clinic that has the exact same story as I do with the same doctor. However I do take partial blame because I did sign the release form only out of desperation.

I want my life back, I have had to survive off of all of my savings and am monied out. I so desperately want to get back to working and off the darn couch. Not to mention be medicine free.

The doctor has no clue as to what happened and has sent me all over the city only for more let downs. I have been told that sometimes damaged nerves can grow back after a while. I am going on 3 years and 100 pounds overweight which could kill me.

Note from Jon Miles: Some other spinal or abdominal procedures have been found by others to result in coccyx pain.

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