Doctor in Australia for continuing pain?

Maurice -

Posted 2010-05-02

It's been two years since my partner had her coccyx bone removed and she has been worse ever since. She is currently taking 250 tablets a month for depression, Chronic pain and also neuropathic pain that continually shoots down her right calve.

We have been to 6 surgeons and one neurosurgeon and no one can help. We now don't know what to do, can someone suggest a Dr in Australia to go and see or can someone shed some light if they have also experienced the same problems. Also she is not able to sit down without the aid of a cushion as when she attempts to sit flat she feels like she is sitting on a 6" nail.



Update, 2010-11-07

It's been 2.5 years and my fiancÚ is still suffering from a failed coccyx operation, the surgeon in his report wrote he did a full coccygectomy after 2 years of not being able to sit down we went to another surgeon mind you we had already been to Six orthopaedic surgeons and one neurosurgeon and they all couldn't help. This one surgeon sent my fiancÚ for an MRI of the coccyx region and scans showed she still had a residual coccyx unbeknown to us as we thought the whole lot was taken out.

Surgeon gave my fiancÚ two options: stay the way you are or remove the coccyx which may allow her sit down, she is booked in to have the residual coccyx removed on the 15th of November. Fingers crossed, this is miracle we are looking for as she has been living a nightmare ever since she had the operation.

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