Coccyx injections by Dr. Magaziner, New Jersey


Posted 2010-08-29

Over three years ago I was involved in two accidents that have drastically affected my way of life. I sustained injuries to my head, neck, shoulder, the entire length of my spine, and my tailbone. I have experienced, and continue to experience, pain in these areas. I have utilized the expertise of many medical professionals over the past three years, including a chiropractor, neurologist, pain management doctor, orthopedic doctor, and a physical therapy company. I also have used, and will continue to use throughout life, prescription medication for the migraine headaches I have, and a coccyx pillow for tailbone pain, due to these injuries. For the purpose of this site, I will try to speak specifically about my coccyx injections.

When the pain in my tailbone did not improve, my chiropractor recommended that I visit Dr. Magaziner in New Jersey (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, New Jersey). I immediately felt that Dr. Magaziner cared about me and the pain I had been experiencing, and that he would genuinely try to help alleviate some of my pain. Dr. Magaziner performed injections and manipulations to my tailbone, both with anesthesia (in the beginning) and without, followed by injections with no manipulations. The procedures improved the amount of pain I was having in the tailbone. Unfortunately, due to the severity of my injuries, I will never be fully recovered and will have to continue limiting my activities and utilizing a coccyx pillow.

Dr. Magaziner has been the most supportive and committed doctor that has stood by my side throughout this entire process. Dr. Magaziner and his staff have been extremely friendly, professional, and compassionate throughout this frustrating and life altering experience. I have the utmost respect for Dr. Magaziner and the fact that he is fully dedicated to making sure that patients receive the treatment that is medically necessary for their situation, regardless of the numerous roadblocks that exist in our system. Before giving up hope on finding a way to relieve pain, as well as a doctor that is committed to getting you the care you desperately need, I recommend that you visit Dr. Magaziner.

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