Prolotherapy CURED coccydynia!


Posted 2010-04-25


Thanks for manning this site. It was very helpful to me when I was searching for help for my daughter. I have been meaning to post this info for a while in the hopes that it helps other people with this painful condition.

We tried everything!

Idiopathic coccycynia started in January 2008. Tried Chiro, Rolfing, cushions, beds, acupuncture, neurologist, psychiatrists, obgyn, internists and multiple drugs, psysiatrists.

Dr. Foye in New Jersey (see Doctors and specialists in the USA, New Jersey) was outstanding. He suspects that she has a hypermobile tailbone based on dynamic radiographs. His impar ganglion sympathetic injections with a local anesthetic and a steroid were mildly helpful but lasted for a short period of time.

Surgery was the only option until we found an internist who performed prolotherapy in April 2009. This procedure was nothing short of miraculous. Her pain was eliminated after only 3 treatments. She was pain free for almost a year and only recently requested another injection. This injection was not as helpful as last year but she is planning on obtaining a second injection soon.

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