Painful coccyx after car accident

Michelle -

Posted 2010-12-19

After recovering from a work place accident, where I'd prolapsed discs in my neck and tore all the muscles of my shoulder. I had to re-train to be able to go back into the work force. On my way home from my final day of re-training, where I'd graduated at the top of my class, I was in a car accident were I was rear ended by a young teenager who had only had their licence for a week. When I went to get out of the car I couldn't feel my legs. Initially the doctors were worried that I'd re-injured my neck and it was causing the pain and numbness. After further investigation they discovered that I had prolapsed a disc at L5/S1 but they still couldn't explain the pain in the coccyx. I was told by one Doctor there was nothing wrong with and it was all in my head. I kept on persevering (at my expense because the insurance company wouldn't pay out any more) until I was advised that I may have fractured my coccyx. It wasn't until I mentioned to a Doctor that the pain when I was getting up from sitting, even after 5 minutes, was excruciating and I had to be frequently lifted to get past the painful part that Coccydynia was mentioned. I've been put on muscle relaxant, pain killers, anti-inflammation to get some sort of relief. I've been advised that I could have the coccyx removed or the nerve endings burnt off. I'm not much in for surgery on my back.

I find that massage, acupuncture, physio help relieve the symptoms and make life a little easier to live with.

People don't understand unless they live it, either by themselves or watch you suffering with it. It's classified as a disability.

If your suffering from any pain in the Coccyx I'd suggest keep pushing until some one finds it. Ask to see a specialist or a "dynamic x-ray"

Coccydynia is real and affects your life.


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