Tailbone treatment review for Dr. Mubashira

Smitha, India - vivacious.smitz@gmail.com

Posted 2019-10-27

Hello All,

I'm Smitha from India and I'm 32 years old. I had a fall 6 months back and injured my tailbone very badly to an extent that I could barely sit for a minute. The pain score was intolerable (10/10). I met close to 4-6 top orthopedics in the city and all they gave me was pain killers and advised me rest. X-ray, MRI and CT scans indicated no fracture/subluxation or angulation. But still the pains were way out of tolerable range. More than 2 months passed but there was absolutely no relief from the pain. Slowly I started developing depression.

Incidentally, I came across the coccyx.org website and read the blogs of the people suffering from tailbone pain who are now living a pain free life after they underwent treatment from Dr. Mubashira (see Doctors and specialists in India).

Dr. Mubashira is one of the finest therapist I have ever come across. She is highly intelligent, dedicated, confident, knowledgeable, humane and a thorough professional. She is a very patient friendly person too. She suggested to take a dynamic x ray and made a spot-on diagnosis that my last two coccygeal vertebrae were anteriorly and posteriorly subluxed respectively and my tailbone had tilted towards right which is why I was experiencing too much pain.

Through internal manipulation procedure, she corrected the tailbone position and brought it back to proper alignment. She also taught me exercises to strengthen my coccygeal muscles. She was extremely supportive and helpful throughout my treatment journey and has brought back the hope I had lost by reassuring me that tailbone pain is completely curable.

My pain levels are gradually coming down and I'm sure I'll be fine within couple of months.

May god always keep her happy!



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