Injections lasted for 6 months, then 2 months, then not at all

Diwakar, Mumbai, India -

Posted 2019-08-11

In the final term of my 9th grade (2016) I started suffering from coccydynia, I didn't know the name of the condition but I knew it was definitely my tailbone. I think it was mostly because of the school benches which are hard.

By the mid of April 2017 (10th grade) I started sitting for long hours on my chair (which was cushioned, but no use) but the pain persisted. I went to my orthopaedic Doctor who said that I should either go for cushions or injection. Fearing pain I chose tailbone cushion. I didn't take the cushion with me to school, fearing bullying.

January 2018 a month before my boards I took the injection so that I could sit for longer hours for the board exams. The effect of the injection stayed till July 2018. I started experiencing pain again in August and went for the injection again. This time it lasted for only two months.

April 2019, I again started sitting for long hours with two tailbone cushions but it wasn't helping. Couldn't sleep on my back either so started sleeping on my stomach (still do and chest and breasts pain af). The MRI kinda destroyed it as I was on my back for an hour.

Again went for an injection on 27 April 2019 but it didn't even give an effect for a day plus the pain of the injection is worse.

14 June 2019, I went for the anal manipulation and started exercising but now even after a month it still aches (it wasn't that bad) and since the last three days , the same excruciating pain from April is back.

Doctors said that I should not go for coccygectomy too. Now I don't know what to do.

Oh and did I mention that I'm in 12 grade now ? Now you know so if anyone from India can help please do, I will be eternally grateful to you.

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