Internal manipulation and exercises made a big improvement

Ayushi, India -

Posted 2019-12-01

Hi my name is Ayushi, 26 years old. I was suffering from tailbone pain for 6 months. I went to many doctors, tried different therapies like acupressure, Physiotherapy, Ayurveda but none of these helped me. I was in continuous pain, was not able to sit for a minute, U shaped cushion helped at least to continue my job.

One day I came across reading about and Dr. Syeda Mubashira (see Doctors and specialists in India). Immediately I contacted her & booked an appointment. During my first meet she patiently listened to me, her words 'tailbone pain is treatable' made me so happy again :)

She asked me to get Vitamin b12 & D3 test done, she studied my X-ray & MRI reports & explained me where was the problem. I had a type 2 coccyx, low vitamins level & my back muscles were weak.

I was treated by her using the internal manipulation method (This was done to reset the angular shift in the tailbone, and also to reduce the muscle spasm) and exercises for 5 continuous days, which she asked me to continue on daily basis... I completely followed whatever doctor said. The treatment gave me a huge relief from the pain. I'm 70% recovered now, I can sit for 1 hour without cushion now. My treatment is in progress soon I'll be recovering by 100% for sure.

The treatment is not painful. I strongly recommend Dr. Syeda Mubashira to anyone who is going through tailbone pain. She is so friendly, caring and genuinely interested in relieving the huge pain you go through.

And from the bottom of my heart Thank you Dr. Mubashira you are blessing for tailbone patients Hope every woman suffering silently will come forward and get herself treated.

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