Last three segments of tailbone dislocated

Leela, USA -

Posted 2019-08-11

Hi, I am writing this to let the people know who are suffering from terrific tailbone pain that there is a chance of getting it healed if we contact a right doctor who understands the patientís pain and treat in a positive manner.

I am a 32 years old women working as software Engineer in USA. I had experienced pain in sitting area for the first time in my life after second delivery in 2014 i.e. 5 years ago. It was mild pain and went off with painkillers, which I had taken for post pregnancy recovery. Joined work after 11 months of break, there the story of pain began again in Feb 2015 as I sat on hard chair for long hours. Pain was back, but this time it was worst, as I could not even sit for 5 min without pain. Sitting to standing position was nightmare for me. Most depressing part was I did not have a clue what the pain was. Consulted general physician and was put on Ibuprofen for a month. I did not get any relief, instead gained lot of weight. Spent several sleepless nights and had been disturbed by it in all the ways - No to trips, MoviesÖ

Went to orthopedician and had an MRI done. However, there was nothing shown on it that he could make it out. He suggested me to try physiotherapy. Tried that for one and half months but did not see any improvement. As per friendís suggestion, went and saw chiropractor too but no use. Day by day, I was losing hope. Then started searching in internet madly about this pain and then figured out that it could be "Tailbone Pain".

I contacted tailbone pain specialists in USA in Dec 2015 and had a tailbone dynamic X-Ray done which has shown clearly the problem the segments at tailbone area are dislocated which confirmed that itís a "Tailbone Pain". Doctor told that there is no cure for it and I have to bear it for my lifetime. I was like completely broken. But he told that I could try shots (Steroids) for temporary relief and there would be 50-50 chance of having positive results. If the shot was given at the right place, it would numb the tailbone area and I would not feel the pain. However, there is no guarantee that it would stay for at least a year. Varies from one patient to other (a month or 3 months to 1 year). I should say that I was lucky as I had relief for almost a year (till Dec 2016). Pain came back and as I had experienced the relief for almost a year, went for second shot. But this time the results were different, got more pain after the shot and was not able to walk or stand too. Therefore, this time decided that I should not go for shots anymore. Meanwhile contacted doctors from India, sent the X-Ray reports, tried for Ayurveda medicine as well. Nevertheless, that doctor told there is no guarantee that it would be cured with it. So lost all the hopeÖ I continued living with the pain and slowly got used to it.

During my vacation to India this year in May 2019 planned to visit Dr. Syed Mubashir Tailbone pain specialist in Bangalore (see Doctors and specialists India). To be honest, I went with very less hope. However, the first meeting with doctor gave me a positive feeling that I was in to right hands. She is very friendly and made me so comfortable. Had a dynamic X-Ray done and she has shown me in that the last three segments of tailbone were completely dislocated and it was shifted to the right, which was causing more pain in the left side. And also had my vitamin D and calcium tests done. She told that it could be cured but might take few months and have to visit for a week.

She taught me specific tailbone exercises and did internal manipulation for a week. After that week, I came back to USA and started doing those exercises regularly. Initially it was hard because I never used to do any exercise and body was so rigid. With my husbandís support, was able to do it with ease after two weeks, and experienced the pain getting better and now could not skip the exercises. In a month I could feel lot of difference in the pain level. Earlier I had severe pain during sitting to standing transition (Pain Rate: 9/10). A month later I was comfortable with sitting to standing transition (Pain Rate:2/10). After one and half month visited doctor Syed for second sitting (3 days) in Jul 2019. Had a dynamic X-Ray done and compared with previous X-Ray report. I was really shocked by looking at the position of the segments of tailbone, which were dislocated in my previous report, shifted back to proper position in the latest report. She taught me second set of exercises and asked me to continue for two more months. I did it for a month and now I am so happy to say that I am able to sit without cushion for one-half an hour continuously without any pain. I don't have enough words to thank doctor Syed for all the support she provided!!

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