Non-touch healer reducing coccyx pain

Ali, Moldova -

Posted 2019-07-13

This is Ali, a 35 year old Turkish man living in Moldova. I used to ride chopper bikes and also mountain bicycles. After some time I started to feel pain and I thought it would be ingrown hair but it turned out I have 37% torn coccyx. (After changing a lot of doctors and hospitals.)

I had some special injections in surgery room, directly to the nerves around coccyx and it immediately solved the pain. For 6 months. This was done by Phycology (or Algoloy) department in a university hospital. I was like I never had pain.

After 6 months the pain came back and I got used to live with it. My pain is considerably less than other people I read on your web page. I can sit without the cushion or I can sleep in any bed. Some chairs or beds just increase my pain but as long as I maintain an healthy, upright position, I can sit on anywhere (just not on the ground).

As you might guess, people around me know about my pain. One day someone told me that there is an ordinary man, using healing energy to cure people and a lady just like me with a coccyx pain found it useful.

I went there (unwillingly at first) for 7-8 weeks (1 day per week). Sessions take around 5-15 minutes. The guy never touches you. I am now feeling 80% better. I still have some pain and I think the pain will come back. But for the last 5 months, I am relieved and it felt amazing!

He can heal many things. I witnessed even some families who can not have a baby, they have now. He does not charge you for the session. If you want, you can leave 50 lei (approximately 3 usd).

I checked online and I understand that there are some people who have this healing energy and it is not so hard to find such people in any country. I wanted to share my experience with you so maybe other people can check online a healing energy specialist near their location.

It helped me, probably temporarily and only 70-80% pain decrease, but it felt amazing.

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