Pain cured but returned

Beth from New Zealand -

Posted 2013-04-28

Hi everyone, if you are reading this, I guess you are probably looking for answers to help your own pain or perhaps the pain of a loved one. I'm not sure my account will help, but I welcome you to read on..

I am now 30 years old, and gave birth to my beautiful son 4 years ago. After the birth I began experiencing intense pain when sitting to feed baby, rest, etc. After a year the pain was extremely bad. I could sit for around 10-20 minutes before the pain got worse, and when I stood up Wow! A shooting pain seared through my coccyx area.

The public health system refused to treat me as they allegedly 'don't do coccyx's'. I had private cortisone injections after an MRI showed de-angulation of my coccyx. The first couple of injections failed but I had two within a two week period and After the 2 weeks of agony that occurred after the injections, I was pain free! A whole year it was like I had never experienced any pain there. Then after this year I was doing pilates on my floor and rolled my back and coccyx on the ground. It hurt for a while and then got progressively worse. The pain soon returned to the level it was the year before. Further injections failed completely, after 3 years of battling with the health system and getting no where I went private and had a coccygectomy in Christchurch where I live. They removed the entire coccyx and even filed down the remaining pointy bit.

After four months of recovery I could finally sit! The pain was slightly present but either the surgery or all the lying down for four months had relieved so much pain. By month 6 however it became obvious the pain had returned to being as bad as before the operation. It is now month 10 and the pain is worsening still.

I am literally beside myself, and at a loss. The surgeons suggest that I have fentanyl patches for the rest of my life as absolutely no other pain killers relieve any of the pain. Which means I can never have another child unless I want to be in agony, as the patches are dangerous in pregnancy.

The surgeons now contend that the pain is more likely to be coming from a trapped or damaged nerve, not my removed coccyx, (despite its wonky angle). They said they wouldn't be able to see the nerve in any scans. They offered further surgery to remove more tissue but were not convinced it would help.

I honestly don't know what to do, I battle with depression due to the constant pain. I cant work or study full time and receive absolutely no government financial assistance.

Surely someone has heard of anything that might help or a natural alternative that works for those where surgery has failed. I have tried acupuncture, injections, physiotherapy, surgery, etc

This cant be the end surely. Sometimes I just want to scream out in public for someone to please help me, to anyone who may have the answer to end this torment and suffering. This alone shows how desperate and mentally debilitating this illness can be.

If anyone has any questions, advice, suggestions, or would like to share their story with me please email me on

Good luck to everyone on there journey to a pain free life. I wish you all the very best.

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