Tailbone pain for nearly two years

Kinsey - kinsey.heath20@gmail.com

Posted 2013-09-22

I've been experiencing tailbone pain for nearly two years now. I've recently started going to the chiropractor. The first time he adjusted my sacrum area with a gun-like tool. For about a month, the pain subsided. The pain came quickly back and now I'm beyond irritated and aggravated with the pain. It hurts most when I'm sitting and shifting in the sitting position. The past few days I've experience aches without sitting. I went back to the chiropractor two more times, and the pain has not yet been relieved.

I will be honest and say that I had a brief alcoholic stint a year ago and know I must have fallen a few times but don't recall specific times. With that being said, I'm not sure if this is injury related. I also suffer from severe anxiety disorder and have hypochondriac tendencies. I'm beyond concerned that it could be a chordoma or a malignant tumor of some sort mainly because the pain has increased and has been persistent. I cannot logically differentiate between the actual pain is and what I could be making up in my mind. The chiropractor told me that my tailbone has shifted.

I have not yet taken any X-rays or CT scans due them being costly (even with insurance). the possibility of it being something related to cancer is constantly on my mind and I cannot seem to shake off the anxiety. The pain can be very depressing and with the constant worrying, it feels as if the pain has worsened. this problem puts me in a very fearful state of mind. Has anyone else gone through something similar to this? Thanks for listening.


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