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Wendy - doctorb_z@hotmail.co.uk

Posted 2013-06-09

I have had back problems for the last 10 years (I'm 28 now) and the first doctor said I was too young to have it and it was in my head. I went on for years without going back to see anyone but it was so sore my mother made me go back and came with me making them give an MRI which I never heard from at all so assumed there was nothing found. The pain continued for years but as nobody believed I was sore, I was not given any sort of pain relief and was having to use other people's pain killers. I tried all sorts of herbal remedies and heat patches and hot water bottles became my best friend.

3 years ago I noticed pain in my coccyx which I'd never had before and didn't fall on it. I thought it would go away but instead got worse. Again I tried all sort of herbal remedies, acupuncture, physio, so many cushions I've lost count and even magnets before going to see the doctor. I was given anti-inflammatory cream and tablets but neither helped. Was then given tramadol which I have become so used to they just stopped working. Was finally sent to see orthopaedic surgeon in my local hospital who asked me if I'd ever tried using the cushions. Every time I went I saw a different doctor and they all asked me this, it seemed to be the cure as far as they were concerned. They were all told I of course I have tried them and spent a lot of money in the process! After 1 cortisone injection (which was agony and didn't even work) I was back again. The doctors said "what do you want me to do about it?" Not something I expected or was pleased to hear. I told him I wanted him to help me get better.

He offered this time to do manipulation as well as another injection. This actually helped for approx 2 months which was the first bit of relief I had since it started and it was great. Had my 3 month check-up where I was told (by yet another doctor) since it had helped we would just leave it. I told him no because although it had helped it was coming back again slowly but surely as I could feel it. He was adamant he would not do anything and said he would see me in 6 months, I told him I would not wait that long as it knew it would be agony by this point so we finally compromised on 3 months.

Went back to my GP again as it was sore again and I couldn't wait another 3 months. Told him I really felt they were not taking me seriously and I wanted something done about it. He wrote to the hospital which resulted in an appointment shortly afterwards where all I got was a bit of huffing and puffing and a clueless look on his face. He looked back over all my notes which is the first time any of them did this and asked about my MRI which I told him I never heard about. He showed me that there were 2 vertebrae that were not formed correctly and were hollow. This is exactly where I was feeling my pain. He was shaking his head with confusion at the previous doctor (who is now retired) wondering why I was never told this. I asked if he even knew what was wrong with me and he said no. I asked for an x ray which I had been refused before which he finally agreed to. This showed nothing however my mother came with me this time and was insisting they did something for me. He then agreed to send me to a specialist in Glasgow which I'm currently on waiting list for and in the meantime he will do another manipulation and injection (which I'm still waiting on) to get some temporary relief.

He has suggested removal too but I would like to see someone who may be able to actually tell me what's wrong before I do that. I'm currently taking maxitram to help but I don't like to take too many as I can't sleep because they make me very dehydrated and twitch a lot so I keep waking myself up. Its now getting to the point where it hurts to walk again and sitting is sore no matter what.

I work in an office sitting at a PC all day which means I am sore all day every day. I do have a seat with cut out which helps, but it is so bad now it's getting me depressed. Any suggestions as to what it could be or any opinions would be welcome.

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