My experience with coccydnia

Karen -

Posted 2013-06-23


Saturday 16th March 2013

After deciding to get my coccyx operation after failed treatments, it seems to have got worse! it is prob all in the head! Since speaking to hospital they have moved quite quickly in getting things going and all been well. I will have had op before 22nd may 2013. After speaking to my GP to help with the decision, it was easier as he reminded me I've had the problem for 5 years and it won't get better on its own and as I am only 40 now (his words, you're still young! ) it will be a slow process to recover! Here's hoping, I am a bad patient and very impatient too! I am a hairdresser so working isn't a problem as I stand all for work! Had a bad week sleeping, back sore and coccyx quite painful, this week haven't been at the gym so don't know if this is why muscles are tight, going for pre op on Wednesday 20th (I had to cancel this and go on 4th April ), hope to find out more about op and recovery time.

Sunday 17th march 2013

Worst night's sleep in a while back was so sore pain on right side only relief was by standing! Up from 3am -5am watching TV, pain took the edge off, eventually fell asleep woke up 4 hours later! Had a shower did some stretches which helped slightly, stood and did my ironing, more pain killers 60 mg/500 mg codcomdal and paracetamol. Went out managed the cinema for 3 hours shifting from one cheek to the other! In bed now pain isn't as bad no more pain killers waiting until sleep time. Tingly feeling down right leg!

Wednesday 24th April 2013

7.00 am arrival at Ninewells hospital Dundee, I am first on the PM list, lots of hanging about! Lets hope it's worth it! Kept busy with docs and nurses. I was taken down at 12.30 and finally wheeled into theatre at 13.45! Came round about 4.00pm in recovery! Spoke briefly to Mr Clift consultant (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, Dundee City). Op went well. Back to ward at 5.00pm and feel ok ! Still hooked up to machines and saline drip for a while. Pain drugs codeine and paracetamol (allergies to others). Otherwise I was comfy and feeling a wee bit tired ! Night in hospital for me.


Thursday 25th April 2013

Woke at after a rubbish sleep ! Nothing to do with surgery ! Room too hot and ward noisy!

Nurse came in at 5.30 for obs blood pressure slightly low! I had a shower. Felt fresher after that and I had more paracetamol at 8.30 after hospital breakfast ! Registrar came to see I was doing and told me the op went good and they removed the bottom of my coccyx. He will be back later with consultant. Got home later on that afternoon! Drive home was not bad, sat on a pillow! Managed to move about in house good! Lay on bed as cant quite sit! Took last drugs for the day at 10.00. Slept not too bad a bit broken waking up every couple of hours!

Friday 26th April 2013

I woke properly at 8.30, felt tired after sleep. Had breakfast then showered, legs a bit sore at tops of my calves! Op wound just a bit nippy. More codeine and paracetamol at 9.00am, have set camp on couch lying on my side. Which was ok, had a wee nap in afternoon. had tea then went back to bed more codeine before bed, never slept great

Saturday 27th Aprill 2013

I had a restless night, got up showered and made breakfast back to my new home on the couch, catching up on sky plus,etc. Only codeine once today just paracetamol. Pain is ok and nippy, managed to stand and do some ironing! Legs bit wobbly after that. Managed to sit on the chair with a cushion for a wee while. It was slightly uncomfortable, took 4 sachets of movicol today as I still hadn't been to the toilet since Wednesday. went to bed after tea watched TV and went to sleep at 10.00pm

Sunday 28th April 2013

I woke up at 5.30 am had a better sleep, went to back to sleep until 8.30, up and showered just had parcetamol at 11.00 as pain is nippy. Movicol worked and I've been to the toilet now. feeling better after that.

Monday 29th April 2013

I slept slightly better, woke up earlier, got ready and decided as cabin fever has set in I will go for a walk! Decided to walk up the street to post office! Which was probably a bit far for first attempt! Managed it and up the street and back home which was probably about an hour! Got home and had to lie down! Legs felt a bit weak! I managed another walk later on that night! Probably shouldn't of done! Early night for me.

Tuesday 30th April 2013

I Slept well woke at 10.20! Not like me I never sleep late! Must of been all the fresh air! Pain was a bit sore today, I decided I wasn't doing much! I was just getting a shower and got a visitor, which was nice. I then just laid on bed until 5, I was going to my sister's.

Wednesday 1st may 2013.

A week from op.! Slept well went on first big trip out! Legs very tired and I can't walk as quick as normal ask anyone I walk quick! Feel ok after a wee rest then can go again! Pain was sore this afternoon! Too much again probably! Just lying watching TV!

Thursday 2nd may 2013

Slept well, not bad pain wise until afternoon, too much walking/standing. Fell off the couch whilst trying to get up, sat on a pillow whilst eating my tea very uncomfy sitting still. Went to bed early.

Friday 3rd may 2013

Woke up early then fell back to sleep, woke again 9.30, I had a broken sleep, back sore today pain nippy at scar. Went out in car lying on my side on a cushion, it's not very comfy, went to cafe for Lunch, managed to sit bending slightly forwards, not the best came home and have been lying in bed, monthly period started today maybe that's why extra pain!

Tuesday 7th may 2013

I Haven't written for a few days ! Pain has just been the same, I got my stitches out 6 into all and have locked at wound very pleased with it ! Has healed great. Felt the difference at once sitting in the car. Went into town and felt the difference walking about. Managed to sit and have lunch ! Had a bad afternoon crabby and shouting tab everyone! Went home any in bed doing nothing !

Wednesday 8 may 2013

I Woke up restless sleep! Can lie on back but it's a bit uncomfy! Got up had a shower, then set to my hobby of making peg bags! I sat on a big pillow! I had to get up a walk about every so often! Managed to do this until 7pm then headed to my bed to lie down.

Thursday 9th may

I Woke at 5.00, I went back to sleep got up at 9.30, had a wee bit of a restless sleep! Went for a walk for about an hour! Legs were sore when I came home! Had to have paracetamol when I came back! I sat down for the afternoon and was still uncomfortable, then I decide it was my trousers first time having trousers with a seam on them have changed and its ok!

Monday 20th may.

I've not written for a week now, getting better everyday! I have been driving short distances its a bit uncomfy, I am sitting on a pillow, been walking and eating out a lot! Ha ha went out today and I am sore, I think I've been sitting down too much! Going back to work next week partime, it's 4 weeks on Wednesday !

Sunday 26th may

Had a busy week walking about, still get tired, sitting is getting better by then day, sleeping a bit of a pain still as have I move a lot and can't lie on my back! I have been a bit sore at night, I just think its down to the walking about I've been doing, cut the family's hair on Friday and it seemed ok! Back at work for 5 hours Tom will update after that.

Sunday 9th June

6 weeks post op! Feeling great! Getting stronger every day! Back at work fulltime tomorrow, worked a few hours and have got tired! got discharged on Tuesday 4th June from hospital, Ninewells in Dundee, consultant Mr Ben Clift, great surgeon. He was pleased with my recovery after only six weeks, I got into trouble fro trying to go on my bike. Can sit a lot better now its great, went to Pilates one to one class on Wednesday last week and got on great, having another class Monday night.

Saturday 15th June

First week back at work full days! It's been hard! I Can stand for about half an hour cutting hair then get really weak legs! If I have a walk or seat it helps! Any longer standing I then find walking hard! Today was bad stood from 10.00-2.45 without sitting back and tops of legs very sore! Had a bath when I came home now lying in bed watching TV.

Friday 21st June

Second week back at work feel great, standing this week has been better. its hard to believe that 8 weeks ago was my operation, its the. best thing I've done, its the first time in 5 years I've been able to sit up straight and have no pain.

I feel that I am ready to share my story and this operation seems to be getting more common and there is a few surgeons in the UK that perform it. My surgeon Mr Ben Clift at Ninewells hospital in Dundee was brilliant and I would recommend him enough. I have healed quickly and my scar is very neat and I was lucky not to get an infection.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps. Karen

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