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Barbara, UK -

Posted 2015-03-01

I had been suffering from a burning pain around my coccyx since 2012. This was accompanied by pins and needles, first in one leg and then in both. My condition was investigated by two Consultants during 2012 and 2013 and, after a number of consultations and tests, I was eventually told the problem was "mechanical" and had to be managed. As a result, I was put on ever increasing doses of Gabapentin, which did absolutely nothing for me except made me tired.

I felt anxious that I did not have a proper diagnosis of my condition and worried for the future, as I believed I would never be rid of the pain and discomfort. It was then that I decided to search the internet for someone who might be able to help me. I felt hopeful when I found the site and began by searching through the list of Doctors and Specialists. The reviews for Michael Durtnall of the Sayer Clinics in London were amazing (see Doctors and specialists in the UK, London). It was for this reason that I wrote to him and briefly explained my symptoms; his kind and understanding reply gave me hope that maybe there was someone who could identify what was happening to my body and could actually do something about it.

I went to see Michael in June 2014 and had digital x-rays which showed that the top joint of my coccyx had extended backwards, was calcifying and was also twisted. Following careful manipulation, and regular treatments my symptoms are now at least 70% improved. My appointments with Michael are usually followed by an excellent massage from the Clinic's Specialist Physiotherapist, Sofia Pinto. This combination of Michael and Sofia's skills have made a tremendous difference to my condition and to my life.

I hope that maybe my story will encourage anyone who is experiencing coccyx pain to make contact with Michael and his Team and let them use their incredible skills to improve your health. The NHS had given up on me, but Michael did not and I am so grateful for that.

Update, 2018-07-22

I return to see Dr Durtnall and his team several times a year to ensure that my condition does not deteriorate.

The treatment I receive always relieves the pain and discomfort I feel. I realise now that my current enemies are my sedentary job and lifestyle. Without my visits to the Sayer Clinic, I know that I would be back to the days where I could barely sit down.

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