Particularly painful when transitioning between standing up and sitting down

Will, Switzerland -

Posted 2015-07-19

I have been suffering from coccyx pain since July 5th. I jumped off a 10 metre diving board into lake Geneva. The jump didn't go wrong at all - I was perfectly straight and entered the water feet first, but I got a shooting pain in my coccyx. It's been 2 weeks since I jumped off the 10 m board and it's still painful, particularly when transitioning between standing up and sitting down. I'm not sure if I will need surgery - does anyone have a similar experience?

I'm also quite a keen rock climber and unfortunately with this damage I can't climb as well as I used to. Does anyone know of any techniques to put the pain to ease?

I hear many people have said on here coccyx repair is a very long process. I'm 22 years old and worried I'm going to be suffering for the rest of my life. The pain hasn't got any better in the last 2 weeks. All I want to be able to do is jump off again and climb like I used to be able to and also not have the pain when I sit down and stand up and to just generally feel better really.

Looking forward to hearing if anyone has had a similar experience - perhaps we can share stories.


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