Surgery tomorrow

Reyna Killian -

March 21:

Well, I go in today for my blood work. Tomorrow is the big day. I am nervous but excited to get rid of the pain.

I will post information about my doctor after surgery. He is two hours away and I don't have all the info. He is in southern Utah. I will keep you updated.

March 23:

It is one day after surgery and I feel good. Everything went great. Apparently, I had the last two bones completely free. That accounted for the movement I would feel went I sat down.

After I woke up I was uncomfortable but not in real pain. Drugs are a wonderful thing. I was able to get up and walk around. I actually went to Wal-Mart to fill my prescription Percocet and lortab. Spent a half hour there then in the van for a 2 hour drive home. I got home and was fine. I feel like going for a long walk but hubby says no.

I would do it again. This has truly been a good thing for me.

Reyna Killian

Updated 2005-03-27

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