Coccyx pain relief

John -

Hi, my name is John and I was in a motor vehicle accident in December 2004. I had broken my neck and had other injuries throughout my body. But the biggest pain I had was a fractured tailbone. For six months after the accident, the pain was horrible. Not just the sitting, but when trying to stand it was worse.

I've tried the cushions and pain relievers, but nothing worked. One of the biggest challenges for me is that I am a NYC bus driver, so going back to work (since we sit all day) was not an option for me any time soon.

I had seen many doctors who told me there was nothing to do but wait it out. But the pain was so bad I couldn't stand it anymore I started researching the web and found this website. Thank God! This is where I found Dr. Patrick Foye (see Doctors and specialists in the USA).

Dr. Foye is located at UMDNJ in Newark NJ. I, however, live in Staten Island New York, but the 25 mile trip to see him is worth it every time. He has been giving me nerve blocking injections [lidocaine] for the past 4 months to lower the pain. Each time, the pain is getting lower and lower. It has gone from 100% pain down to maybe 30-40% pain since I started seeing him. After 1-2 more injections I should be fine, and able to return to work by the new year.

If you think you have no choice but to live with pain, you are wrong. And I strongly suggest you visit Dr Foye for an evaluation. You will not regret it! Not only are his procedures extremely helpful, but his bedside manners are second to none.

Updated 2005-10-09

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