No-one knows what is wrong

Colin Wilson -

Hi all,

In July last year I had a fall at work. At the time I felt a bit sore so wrote it in the accident book. Afterwards I felt no real pain, just occasionally a short sharp pain when I sat down, which I ignored. In late September I went out for a meal with family. When I sat down I felt a very sharp pain, much worse than before. The pain continued all evening and by the next morning I was in a great deal of pain. Even when I was standing still I was getting pains that I can best describe as an electric shock in my bum. That evening I went to A & E, was x-rayed and told that my coccyx was broken.

For the next 3 months the pain continued, which worried me as I was under the impression that the bone should have healed by then. I went for another x-ray, which I had to push very hard to get, and that showed that my coccyx had healed and was in the right position. My doctor then told me that the reason I was still in pain was that a nerve had broken in my coccyx and that it could take up to a couple of years to heal.

Since then I have taken various pills that are supposed to help with nerve pain, but they have been no use.

In June I finally had an appointment for day surgery for a steroid injection. I had been told by the consultant that my nerve was damaged and that this would help. This was very painful and I also found it a humiliating experience.... but that may just be me. I also found that for the next few days I was very emotionally upset, which I have been told is natural when you have an injection in your spine.

I saw my doctor again this week and asked for a referral to a osteopathic surgeon, as I have been told this is what I need, and he is putting that through for me. I also explained to him that I was very frustrated that I had no real idea what was going on. He advised me that there was no way anyone could look at the nerve and therefore no way anyone could give me a definite answer as to what the problem was.

This has left me feeling very upset and lost. When I saw the consultant he told me that they could not be sure that whatever was wrong would ever heal. When I asked the doctor about this he said the same thing.

I don't know what to do. I don't see how I can be treated when no-one knows what is wrong.

I feel I have had my life taken away from me. I work with adults with learning difficulties, a job that I love. But the work can be physically demanding and often involves non-aggresive restraint, which in my condition I simply cant do. And to be honest the way my pain works I don't know from one day to the next if I will be able to do anything at all. Therefore I have been off work for the last 10 months, and I really miss it.

I also used to walk everywhere, it was pretty much my only exercise and was something I enjoyed. But now, most of the time if I walk gently for more than 10 mins I am in a lot of discomfort. I have now got a stomach for the first time in my life.

I am in the process of suing my employers, but that is dragging on and it has taken 8 months for the insurance company to even ask for my medical records. So I am living off of incapacity benefit and having to borrow off family to survive, which I find very embarrassing.

On the whole this is a horrible experience. I have lost my job, my finical security and my exercise.... and I have no idea what is happening to me.

Wow, writing this is emotional in itself, its actually quite nice to let it out.

If anyone on here has been through the same I would love any advice that you have, especially with the medical and legal side, as I know very little about both.

Good luck to all :)

Colin Wilson

Updated 2005-07-03

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