I thought I was crazy!

Betsy - ewfgray@skynet.be

I don't know what prompted me to enter "sore coccyx" in a google search, but I am so happy to find this website. I can't quite say when my tailbone started bothering me, although I know that my lower spine and coccyx were never quite as they should have been -- they point straight down instead of curving outwards. The worst problem this caused me until the last few years was some lower back discomfort, which I managed very well with exercise and stretching. It is possible that the birth of my last child eight years ago aggravated something, but the pain was only noticeable when sitting on a bike (OUCH!).

Now I have discomfort when I sit for long periods, or sit on the wrong kind of surface for too long. I have also had cramping in my buttocks muscles, which I guess is due to irritation of the nerves around the coccyx. So far I am not in as much pain as others on this website, so I think I will live with it for the near future, but I thank all the others for their advice. What I will do is tell my husband to stop teasing me about getting old!

By the way, I swim regularly -- it is great pain-free exercise, and, if you kick hard enough, it is also a way to keep the muscles in the lower back strong.


Updated 2005-12-04

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