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Cheree -

Well if only I had found this site 18 months ago! I have what I now believe is coccydynia. 18 months ago (at least) I developed a bad pain in the coccyx bone, I knew where the pain was because I could put my finger on the point and pain would shoot right through me. I have a desk job and yes probably not the best posture but who can sit perfectly straight for 9 hours a day! So if anything has caused it I would have to say posture. I did a lot of horse riding when I was younger and probably fell off quite a few times and have a memory that I always landed on my bum, but that was at least 10 years ago now (I am currently 27).

The pain just started one day while I was at work and I have no idea what triggered the sudden onset of pain bus rides to and from work were hell (bumpy) and the sitting at work was getting worse. So about two weeks after the pain started I went to see a GP. He asked me lots of questions (also made me do a couple of stretches but didn't touch the area where the pain was coming from) but didn't have any answers. He prescribed some anti-inflammatory drug which helped a little and told me to use a seat ring (which I do but it doesn't really help). I have been warned that too much use of anti-inflammatory use can be bad for your stomach so I now only take them when the pain is unbearable.

At the beginning of 2004 I moved from Adelaide (capital city of South Australia) to Mount Gambier (pop 35,000 still in South Australia but 400 km South East of Adelaide) to another job (still sitting down) and the pain has gotten worse (or at least unbearable). I started seeing a chiropractor, who made me visit twice a week for about 3 months. Not once did I really feel better, but I kept on going as I thought give it time. All the chiropractor did was continually adjust my back, not once did she touch the area where the pain was coming from. (I questioned her on this and she said it is referred pain). Then I gave up on "chiro" and made another appointment with a GP so that I could get some X-rays done as I knew something was wrong with the bone.

I had X-rays done (lots but none from the sitting down angle) and they showed nothing wrong apparently my coccyx appears "grossly normal". So I tried a physiotherapist. I saw him for 5 months, he also thought that the pain was referred and therefore worked on my sacrum; firstly in the middle of the back then to the right side of the back as when I did side stretches the coccyx pinched when I leant to the left. The pain did seem to subside a little but I was seeing him twice a week for 5 months (getting very expensive), then we tried to cut it back to once a week and the pain got worse so we went back to twice a week until I gave up on physio.

My partner's father is a GP and he suggested I try acupuncture so on Monday last week I had my first visit. I told the doctors that I didn't think it was referred as the bone itself hurts and she agreed. I had dry needles (3) inserted into the actual point of pain (the first time any one has gone any where near the point of pain) and one in each kidney point. It was on my return home from the acupuncture visit that I thought I would try my hand at some research and that was when I stumbled across this website. Well, I have been busy doing my own research now and I have learnt a lot!!

I have a second appointment today for acupuncture (2 x a week for 5 weeks), and I have also made an appointment with my GP to find out about pain medicine, a referral for a orthopaedic surgeon, and some sitting position x-rays. I have also ordered a coccyx cushion, which I tenderly await its express arrival.

If anyone has any ideas or would like to contact me I would really appreciate it. I feel better from just reading other peoples stories and knowing that I am not the only sufferer out there and that people do get better from coccyx pain.



Updated 2005-02-06

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