1 week post-surgery


I had surgery 6 days ago with Dr. James Campbell, Vice Chief of Neurosurgery at John Hopkins in Baltimore. The surgery was performed in late afternoon, so to be on the safe side I spent the night in the hospital.

The surgery was quick and painless (anesthesia is no big deal). I woke up and was pretty sore for the night, but did manage to get up once and walk a lap around my floor of the hospital. The next morning I was discharged- I walked out under my own power and got a ride home.

I took 4 percoset per day until yesterday. Yesterday I stopped taking my pain medicine! Now I am just taking over-the-counter Aleve and it is working just fine.

I would estimate that, in terms of pain, I am now just about where I was before the surgery. Of course it will take a few weeks for the scarring to set in around the incision and maybe a few months to know the full result, but in terms of the surgery and initial recovery, it was better than I could have ever imagined.

I will keep everyone updated.

Updated 2005-01-16

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