Facial pain referred, maybe?

Sadie - scartner@tesco.net


I have reading your personal stories on the site, and I sometime get pain in my tail bone, and have severe facial pain, blocked ears, and pins and needles in extremities, also some neck pain. Have had numerous ENT and neurologists look at me, but they see nothing. Had MRI and CATs of head and neck, nothing showed.

I have suffered this for over 30 years. At the moment I could shoot myself, as I feel so down. I was off work 3 weeks ago and had to stay off today, things seem to have got worse since I started menopause.

My symptoms started when I was 18 years old, around that time I fell and hurt my tail bone on some stairs at work, after that I developed an abscess on bottom of spine, which went away with antibiotics. This returned when I had my first child, and I had to have it lanced.

What I would like to ask is, do you think that all my facial pain could be referred from the injury I had to my tail bone when I fell all those years ago, or is this just wishful thinking that after all these years I may have an name for my pain?

See you later


Updated 2005-04-24

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