Tailbone pain after a car accident

Rache - Rachela500@aol.com

I was a passenger in a car accident one week ago. It was a front collision and my immediate pain was in my chest from the seat belt. After being checked in the ambulance, my lower spine then began to hurt. I have been to a doctor twice in the last week. The first one examined my lower spine OVER the jeans I was wearing! The second did not examine me at all. I have described both times of the pain being more 'bone' pain rather than muscular but neither doctor seemed concerned.

After reading this website I am concerned that I may have a dislocation as it is extremely painful for me when sitting and especially when I move from sitting to standing. Should I just go to A&E to get an x-ray or return to a different doctor with some articles from this website? Help!


Updated 2005-12-18

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