Successful operation for pilonidal sinus

John Field -

I had a pilonidal sinus many years ago. July 1966. The only warning I got, was NIL !!!! I got out of bed one morning and just collapsed on the floor.

I was serving in the Royal Navy at the time. I was on leave, it was my last day. So I traveled down from Lincolnshire to Portsmouth with a mate in his car. Next day I went to the sick bay at H.M.S. Excellent and was straight away sent over to the Naval hospital - as was then - at Gosport. Royal Naval Hospital Haslar. There an operation was carried out. I was left with an open wound, packed with a long linty dressing every day.

I think I was in for about two weeks, then sent on leave to recover. Have had no trouble whatsoever since.

John Field now aged 60

Updated 2005-08-21

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