Recent coccyx removal in the UK


I have suffered from pain caused by my coccyx for the last 15 years, since I fell on a metal bar aged 11! In the past I have received short term relief from cortisone injections and medium term (12-18 months) relief following radio frequency lesion to several nerves in the area but nothing really worked long term to stop the ongoing pain when sitting and standing following long periods of sitting.

I had my coccyx removed in the Robert Jones and Agness Hunt Hospital in England 3 weeks ago today and so far so good. I was warned prior to surgery that I may suffer pain post operatively and to expect it take 4-6 weeks to heal.

The surgeon used semi dissolvable stitches, the last of which I will be having out tomorrow. I was under anaesthetic for about 2 hours and was home the next day. Although I did suffer some discomfort I have to say it was minimal and could be controlled using voltarol and paracetamol. I did not suffer any real bruising and am now able to sit upright, although I cannot slouch and still lack some energy!

As for has the operation worked? Only time will tell, but at the moment it feels better than before. When they opened me up they found the coccyx to be mobile and the disk attaching it to the bone above shattered so these are all good signs.

To anyone else suffering out there I would say, keep pushing to try different treatments until you find something which helps you, it has taken me 15 years of trying and at times arguing with the medical profession (an area in which I myself work) but now hopefully I can start enjoying life pain free.

Updated 2005-04-03

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