Alexander technique for coccyx pain

Debby -

I googled coccyx and found your site.

I am a 46 year old female librarian - several years ago we moved a library and when I lifted a box I hurt my lower back. After seeing an osteopath it was much improved.

But a year ago...

I don't know how I did it, but I had a sore coccyx and sitting was uncomfortable. A dull ache most of the time. In the same week I had sat heavily into a chair and a day or so later, lifted a heavy box. Voila! I can't sit and my back hurts! My osteopath is on his holidays and I go a chiropractor who sorts my bad back and says the coccyx is a referred pain. Hmm!

See tanned and rested osteopath on his return. Says my coccyx is pointed to the left. Manipulates etc.

Go on belly dance summer school as there has been much improvement by this time. Still using cushion.

Return home from 'wobbling summer school', go to yoga class, within 2 days beg osteopath to see me ASAP. He says coccyx now pointing to right! Manipulates etc.

After almost a year of the osteopath once a month, sitting a coccyx cushion, giving up yoga (but not belly dance - no need to sit) and much discomfort, I go to an Alexander technique teacher. After the first lesson I jettisoned the cushion. My back (touch wood!) is ok and I rarely get the clicking sound/feeling when I turn and look to one side. How does it work? Beats me - my mantra is 'release the neck - head forwards and up...' etc. My personal view is the soft coccyx cushion helped initially and then caused problems of its own. What matters is - Alexander Technique works!

I still see the osteopath for an occasional MOT. I think the Alexander technique is helping with the root cause of the problem. In my world, there is room for both approaches. I have signed up for pilates class and will see how that goes!

Updated 2005-05-22

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