Any help in Singapore?


I suffered coccydynia (at least I believe) since August 2004. It has been almost a year and I still can't get rid of the pain.

History: I had a fall that that tore my left ankle tendon since February 2004. I had to rest at home for 1 -2 months for recovery. Since then I tried to do pilates/stretching exercise to have a better ankle recovery and overall health improvement. Due to careful diet and stretching exercise, I lost altogether 20 kg of weight in 1 1/2 years time. I first experience numbness/subtle pain since August 2004, day after my pilates practice.

First attack

The first pain attack was when I tried to tone my hip muscle. I lifted my right leg, with my knee locked, forming a 90 degree angle. It is roughly like a dog peeing posture. Since then the pain became unbearable and getting worse. My GP finds it hard to believe that I can hurt my tailbone by performing pilates, but I don't remember any fall down right on my coccyx.

Since then I can't really lean comfortably on my back, side sleeping is better than lying flat. I am afraid of any long distance car journey, movie, meeting, I preferred cross leg sitting than with my whole hip on the chair. It was painful when I raised up from sitting position...

Second attack

My condition slowly recovered until February 2005. I was on a 5 hour car journey. Maybe I was a bit too overconfident, without any sign, suddenly as if I felt there's a rubber band tightly plucked and broken at my tailbone and it hurt a lot! Since then my condition is getting worse and worse. On March 2005 I couldn't even sit for 10 minutes. On and off I took about 4 weeks rest at home.

This time the situation was a bit different from the first time. The painful part was not confined at tailbone area. Some times it is at the sacrum/pelvic joint part, some times it is the pelvic muscle area as I guess I have had been sitting with that part for too long.

I can't really lie flat to sleep, neither can I sleep on my side. I had to carefully place some pillows below my knee to sleep, but this makes my knee painful after the whole night sleep.

I was referred to an orthopaedic specialist. MRI was done. The result shows that tailbone did have some fracture last time but it is healed. I also have some mild condition of L5/S1 disc degeneration.

I was then referred to physiotherapy. I had done that for about 10 sessions. Heat/ ultrasound therapies were given. It was getting better but it stop getting better after a while.

I was able to go back to work for about 1 month. But now the pain slowly come back again and I can't sit for long again. It is very stressing for me as my job requires me to sit for most of the time.

I went back to my specialist, but this time he had nothing else to offer me. The only comment he can give me is to find myself some suitable sitting cushion and try to live with it.

I find this website very helpful, but I am sad to realize that there's no doctor/specialist available at my region (Singapore or Malaysia). Anybody know anyone that can be helpful on my condition?

Thank you.


Updated 2005-05-22

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