Coccyx pain following a spinal tap

Angela Boddie -

I wanted to know if anyone out there has experienced coccyx pain following a spinal tap.

Here's my story: I was in the emergency room in September 2004 with a muscle spasm in my neck and some other problems, the doctor wanted to do a spinal tap to rule out meningitis. Instead of the doctor performing the spinal tap, he let a Resident perform the spinal tap, she inserted the needle and moved it around a bit but was unsuccessful in getting the spinal fluid. The Resident removed the needle and put it a little lower in my back, as she was moving around trying to get the fluid I experienced some pain in the top of my butt and they told me to bear with them because they were almost done. I was in the fetal position on my left side with the nurse holding my hands.

The pain in my coccyx started in November 2004 and it has gotten worse since then. I can't sit, it's hard getting up out of my chair and it's very difficult to drive my car.

Note from Jon Miles:

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Updated 2005-04-10

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