What yoga works with tailbone injuries?

Brian - bfindley@cooperrobertson.com

Hi. Nice site.

I slipped down a flight of subway stairs about six months ago, and injured my tailbone.

Before this, I had been a regular practitioner of a vigorous type of yoga, and afterward (once the initial pain had worn off and I could sit comfortably) I attempted to return to class, and found that I still couldn't complete a class because of the irritated tailbone. Again, this was six months ago, and I still can't do yoga.

The frustrating thing is that the pain hardly ever bothers me UNLESS I go to these classes, which tells me there should be some way to compromise. Does anyone out there have any experience with yoga and tailbone injuries which poses are "good", or "bad", different yoga classes, etc.

Neither my doctors nor my instructors can give me an answer about this - and I keep reading that yoga is supposed to be good for these types of injuries, but I haven't found that to be the case.

Thanks, Brian

Updated 2005-07-10

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