Sitting at my PC aggravated an old injury


Around 1987 I had a very nasty fall on a slippery rock at the edge of our south coast ocean in West Australia. I had my three children with me on holiday and we were at a relatively safe spot enjoying ourselves. I got too close to the edge of this big rounded top rock, wet from seaweed and spray, and my feet slipped from under me. My bottom hit the rock first, an extremely painful reaction shot like a red hot bar up my spine and I thought "don't faint or you will slip in and drown!". I supported myself as best I could for about 5 minutes before I could move, in danger all the time of slipping right into the water.

I don't remember much of how the pain disappeared but it did. The pain did not return until recently this year ( 2005 ). I am retired and spend a great deal of time at my PC, sitting. I also spend time each morning exercising for my heart health, having had a minor attack 6 years ago. I ride a bicycle and do other exercise for variety and to relieve boredom. I have been at both these activity's for approximately 6 years.

My coccydynia I am sure, results from sitting at my PC and from riding my bicycle, aggravating the old injury. I have tried a variety of remedys, foam cushion with recess cut into it, getting up from my PC more regularly, changing my exercise routines. The best result is from getting up from the PC and relieving the sitting posture. I also bend my bottom into the furtherest back part of the chair which sort of 'hangs' the coccyx over the rear edge. The pain has been relieved a great deal by this and I will continue with this practice. The pain will come back if I slack off so it keeps me up to the mark so to speak. The pain is always in the background these days but it is not that difficult to 'manage'.

I have wondered about removal of the bone but having read your account I am rather reluctant to take that path. My pain level is not high enough for that. The pain was worst at the time of the accident and I will never forget that 'red hot bar' up my spine threatening to drown me.

Congratulations on a fine web page for this condition, it is the first link that came up from my web search. It also gave me a name for this pain!


Updated 2005-05-22

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