Antibiotics stopped the pain

Tim -

Original posting, 2005-11-20:

I've been suffering for 7 years or more by now, it gets worse consistently. I even lost weight, it helps to relive some pain, and it did, but now its getting to where it felt like before I lost weight. I'm in agony, doctors have too years to try something, I've had MRI after MRI, lotsa disk problems and all that but nothing on my tailbone that they will talk about anyway. I was at the neuro-surgery clinic and finally they ordered the steroid shots in my spine. SHewww Something to try.

Anyway I think it helped by me discovering something on my own. At very few periods in time it would feel like my tailbone would quite hurting, not completely but kinda like, a healing had taken place and it was just a little sore from where it had been injured, kinda like after you pull a splinter out.

Anyway I discovered when I was talking antibiotics my pain left almost immediately. I told them, that so I hope that gave them some kinda clue. I go to a veterans hospital and if you know anything about the VA, you know its hard to get them to explain or talk to you about anything.

But it made me want to live on antibiotics it felt so good. As soon as I took my last pill, by the next day I felt the pain slowly start back and within 2 weeks it was in full swing.

So hook up on antibiotics and see what happens. And if you have a clue to what my problem is please write.


Update, 2005-11-27

Well I went to my appointment to get the steroid injections, to my suspicions the doc ask me about my pain & told me this was the wrong thing for tailbone pain. He was very nice, seemed like it was really interested, attentive, wanted to know every small detail. I explained about learning that when I'm on antibiotics it took away 75% of my pain. He said he didn't understand that, all my bloodwork showed that I didn't have a infection.

Finally he said "well I will do these steroid injection's, but I'm telling you it won't help". So I told him somebody had to know about the tailbone pain & what was the cause & I ask to see a orthopedic specialist & he agreed & give me an appointment. So I hope to learn more there.

He told me that the steroids was used in the spine mainly for leg pain & things like that, he explained that it took pressure off bulging or herniated disks off the nerve & relieved the pain for a while.


Update, 2006-02-26

Hi, its been a while since I'd wrote, but I still kept getting pushed around by my (several) doctors. I think some only thought I was after pain pills or something because they didn't know what was hurting me. I kept pushing & pushing & finally got a hold of a good surgeon who *Thinks what my problem is, is a thing called Fistula, that is why the antibiotics are relieving alot of my pain. So I encourage anyone who has tailbone pain & maybe has been on a antibiotic & noticed any difference in pain to get checked.

Thanks & I will let ya'll know for sure, my surgery for this is on March 7th.

Take care


PS> havent heard from ya lately Marilyn, I hope your doing great.

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