Husband is in constant pain

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My husband fell 4 years ago out our back door and hurt his tailbone...we think. He is now 54 years old and the only thing he can do is stand or lie down, sitting is nearly impossible. He has had 3 injections with no results.

He has found that the drug Lorezapam helps ease some of the pain but nothing stops the pain completely. Unfortunately the local health unit (we're in a rural area) has various doctors and nurse practitioners and they are reluctant to give him Lorezapam on a regular basis . . they're afraid he might become addicted to it. We have found that Lorezapam give him some relief with out sedating him. He can continue to work taking this medication. Other medications (muscle relaxers, pain pills, etc) just wipe him out and he cannot function.

He is now seeing a chiropractor who may help him through laser treatments along with adjustments. Problem is we have no insurance after I lost my job in October and this is $1200.00 minimum. I'm working again and we're trying to pay as we go but...

Is there anyone who can locate a surgeon in Arkansas in case surgery is needed?

I need all the info I can get. My husband shouldn't have to live the rest of his life in pain. It affects our personal relationship as well as his relationship with our children, friends, and others.

Updated 2005-03-27

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