Locating the correct cushion

Joan - JoanAdamek@aol.com

Hello, my name is Joan and I live in Livonia, Michigan. Have had tail bone pain for many years. Have had injections, etc... This March 2005 I had a tumor removed from my lower spine. Have recovered from the surgery, but my tail bone pain is worse. My surgeon has advised me he would not remove my tail bone, and that has left me blowing in the wind.

I am taking pain meds, and would like to purchase cushion to help me sit. Donuts do not work. Have been to medical supply stores and have not seen the cushion mentioned in these e-mails. Would appreciate your help locating this item. [Note - see Comfortable cushions page]

Have looked at the list of surgeons and am considering contacting who ever is closest. I'm 67 and don't relish the thought of living the rest of my life with such severe pain. Will start checking for surgeons in this area.

Thanks for all the information that's available.

Updated 2005-10-09

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