Pain after surgical pilonidal excision

Sara -

Original posting, 2005-07-03:

Hi all,

I'm soooo grateful for finding this site!! I had a pilonidal cyst drained in July 2004 and then excised in September 2004. All was healing well until around Xmas time when I noticed it was getting very painful to sit. I was healing ok from the surgery and that part was still a little painful, but this was new pain. By late March (2005) I decided enough was enough and called the doc who did the pilonidal excision to find out he moved out of the state. They referred me to a Colo-Rectal doc. I just got MRI results today which say everything is perfectly normal in every way. I paid $1100 to hear the doc say "well, there's nothing wrong with you so there's nothing I can do". Ooh, I was so mad!

I haven't been able to sit for longer than ~10 minutes at a time since June 2004!!!

So I have an appointment in 2 weeks with an actual spine doc who specializes in coccyx stuff. His website says "Although surgery is a necessary outcome in some individuals, [he] will help the individual to explore all sound medical treatments along with safe alternative considerations. His objective is to work with you to restore your quality of life, return back to work or functional improvement through the application of the most advanced proven medical techniques and procedures." Sounds promising.... I hope....

I do have a few questions though I hope to hear feedback on...

1. Has anyone experienced coccyx pain after and/or due to a surgery in the area??

2. Anyone also have an ovarian cyst (like me)? I saw someone post (2-3 years ago) that her tailbone pain was due to surgical removal of her ovary....

3. Does anyone here also have (or had) a pilonidal cyst?

4. Anyone get an MRI done and it showed completely normal results?

Feel free to email me. This email address will be good for a few years still. I am so glad I found this site! What a relief knowing I'm not alone in this!

Update, 2005-08-21:

So the spine doc I saw suggested I do physical therapy twice a week for 4 weeks. He thought that PT should be the first step and if that doesn't work, then do prolotherapy.

I saw the PT yesterday for the first time and ... WOW! She showed me how I can sit and get up from sitting without ANY pain whatsoever!!! I did it three times in her office and was so happy and excited that I was grinning and clapping and wanted to hug her! So ... here's the tricks, but remember it worked for me and may or may not work for you.... (and of course, don't do it if it hurts you)

Sit in a hard chair with your butt all the way back and feet flat on the floor. Put a (big fluffy) pillow at your back ABOVE your waist and extending up your back. I used a regular bed pillow but folded it. When you sit, you should be able to feel most of your weight ON your butt-bones, NOT on your butt... and you should lean back on the pillow so to relax your back. The point is to keep all pressure off tailbone, but still make sure that your back is relaxed and that the small of your back stays slightly arched. (I think of it as showing off my breasts while sitting.... )

Then, to get up without pain... Scoot all the way forward in the chair, keeping the same posture as when sitting. Scoot your feet as far underneath you as you can while keeping your heels on the ground. Then squeeze your buttock muscles and stand. When you stand, you should be using your hips and buttocks to stand, and NOT using your thigh muscles.

She also told me to do leg lifts while lying on my stomach (squeeze butt muscles, THEN lift leg ~2 inches, hold ~2-5 sec).

These things worked WONDERS for me! I share them in the hopes that they might work for someone else too. I've only seen her once so far and it's only been 24 hrs since the appt, but yesterday I drove my car for about 15 min and when I got out of the car, I had NO pain whatsoever!!! For me, getting out of the car is the WORST possible pain usually... So I am a very very happy and hopeful camper today!

Yesterday was the first time in over a year that I sat and got up from sitting without pain!!! :) :) :)

Good luck to everyone else out there, let me know if you have any questions or comments etc, and keep your fingers crossed for me!

Note - See also Coccyx pain caused by previous medical treatments

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