The only position I am pain-free is standing

Susy -

My name is Susy and I am 34 years old, I live in Berlin, Germany. I gave birth to my daughter in June 2004 at 33 weeks pregnant (water broke). After the birth the coggyx pain started to appear and I went to a doctor who x-rayed me. Typical story: Your coggyx was broken while giving birth, sit on a cushion, wait 12 weeks , that's it, it will go away and heal.

The pain didn't go I went to see a specialist. I had MRT scans which revealed besides the broken coggyx my coccyx bent inwards at a sharp angle (about 90 degrees). It is thought that this is something I was born with. And it might be the reason why my water broke.

My broken coggyx part is fully flexible, it does not stay in position (tried that several times).

I wanted the resection but the doctors said it probably won't help as my nerve system has "saved" the pain....and my pelvic floor has no hook up afterwards, so I might have trouble holding my urine and holding another baby will be a problem.. And anyway, the broken bone part is "dead" - so it can't hurt anymore.

They said there is nothing they can do and refused to do a sitting x-ray as described here on this website. I went to a pain trauma center to get help then. Besides the manual therapy I have twice a week, the acupuncture and tens sessions, I received osteopathic sessions and relaxation session (Jacobson) from a psychologist.

I am on morphine and many other pain medicine as well as 2 cortocosteroid injections (which helped for 2 weeks). Now I had anti-depressants as well and I hardly recognize myself.

Above all the pain, I try to go to work (office) 40 hours a week, be a good mom to my 18 months old daughter and have a life.

The only position I am pain-free is standing! But my pain is immense I am in and I am in desperation that this will remain for the rest of my life.

I am very close to do a coggyx removal, but in Berlin I can't find a specialist who is experienced..... I don't want to lose my job nor would I like to go on like this for the rest of my life.

This site has helped me a lot to see that I am not alone. I would love to have another child but don't know how to cope with the pain while pregnant and I am very scared that it will get even worse during pregnancy. What about morphine during pregnancy ?

Any suggestions?


Updated 2005-11-27

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