Having an operation in August - any advice?

Anonymous - ylil3@comcast.net

Hello to anyone and everyone who has coccyx pain. I can so identify with all of you and I feel so blessed to have found this site.

I have had coccyx pain for over four years. I always traveled and had a very healthy life until I fell backwards off a chair that gave out under me, and I fell on a concrete porch and down concrete stairs.

To make a long story short, I have tried everything. I had cortisone shots, and got an infection from where the shots had broken down my skin to tissue, so no more shots of cortisone. Then I went to the Mayo clinic and had shots of prolotherapy, a set of four. They did not help.

So thanks to this site of Jon's I read about a Doctor at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland. Yesterday I had an appointment with him and on August 17, 2005 I am going to have the surgery.

I will keep everyone posted on how I do and if anyone has pre-op suggestions to make it easier, please please let me know. I will take any suggestions.

Updated 2005-06-19

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