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Carolyn -

Two years ago I moved from the south east of England to the north. Although the quality of life is absolutely brilliant here, unfortunately I moved from an area with a really good pain clinic and a consultant who understood this condition and had treated me for four years, to a county where, apparently, there isn't a single pain consultant who has ever carried out a painkilling injection in this area because 'it isn't a common injury'. No one was prepared to risk it, and frankly, I wasn't keen to put myself in the hands of an inexperienced operator. Hence I've had two years of unrelenting pain without the annual cortisone injection that made the summer bearable. I'd had investigations for fibroids, endometriosis, colonoscopy, laproscopy - nothing found.

With no help from my GP other than painkillers and a referral to an orthapaedic surgeon who was madly keen to remove my coccyx because 'I've never done one before, nothing else will work after six years, and I'd love to give it a go', and with pain travelling relentlessly up my back because of the increasingly bizarre sitting and sleeping positions I'd been forced to adopt, I referred myself to a local chiropractor, taking with me everything I could find on this site about chiropractic and osteopathic manipulation that had worked.

He told me to stop taking the painkillers, prescribed plenty of walking and swimming, and has robust views about cortisone injections, believing that they weaken neighbouring structures and don't help in the long term.

He chased the pain back down my back, fixing as he went, and I started to feel much better. He said it'd take a session a week for eight weeks to realign everything. When we'd got as far as my lower back, he examined my coccyx, told me it was severely deviated to the right, but was mobile, and admitted that he'd only ever treated a handful of coccyx injuries, but all had been successful.

If I was prepared to let him, he was prepared to try to realign it and was confident I'd have less pain.

So he did. I can't tell you how brilliant it feels to have less pain, to be able to exercise properly again, to feel so much better.

After six years in the NHS and private medicine with this condition, my experience tells me you will find good pain people who can relieve things for you - I did - but they won't cure you in the long term. Nothing else has worked this well for me, and it was relatively painless - I'm now drug free, pain free, and I'm visiting the chiro once a month to keep things in shape with my back. It's the best value 25 I spend.

Regards Carolyn

Updated 2005-07-17

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