They won't give me pain medication

Mekkena -

Posted 2007-04-08

I just turned 14 and I have had problems with my coccyx for 3 months. I know, that's not long compared to the rest of the people on here, but I really didn't do anything for this to happen. I really don't know what to do!! I've went to the doctors 3 times with two different doctors and they say "bring a pillow to school." BRING A PILLOW TO SCHOOL? Some people really don't understand what this really is! They won't give me pain medication because I'm too small and I would get addicted.

I live in Alaska where there is no good doctors anywhere to do anything...and also I don't know if its serious enough to get surgery. all I have to say to you guys is...I FEEL YOUR PAIN! literally. Haha.

Well thanks for making this site...I really had no idea what coccydynia was until I found this website! if you want to message me or

Love Always,


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