Coccyx pain returning during another pregnancy

Kalpana -

Posted 2007-05-13


I developed this coccyx pain during my first pregnancy around 3 years ago. It started right at 3 months and persisted even after delivery. All through, I was using a coccyx cushion and I used to carry it with me. It took one and a half years to get back to normalcy and chuck the coccyx cushion.

Now I am carrying my second baby, and the coccyx pain promptly returns. Though, this time it came a bit late at around 6 months and also I am used to it and know how to deal with it. I am just hoping it would go away on its own, as it did last time.

I would like to know, why only very few women develop this pain during pregnancy. Does it mean the bones are weak or displaced or anything else? Also my mom is a rheumatoid arthritic patient.



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