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Rebecca Hagan -

Posted 2007-09-09

Two years and five months ago I hurt my coccyx by riding with a new Australian saddle. I went the usual useless route of doctors with the usual shrug and no help. Out of desperation I found and started reading and learning. I found Dr. Shapiro in Tempe, Arizona and sought treatment. Dr. Shapiro used internal manipulation since my coccyx was pushed anterior and to the left. I didn't experience relief from pain, but Dr. Shapiro explained that since I had an impact injury I had probably injured the ligament attachments to the coccyx and it would take up to two years for those to heal, notice improvement, and be able to hold the coccyx in place. I knew he was correct since I had once before torn a ligament and it took exactly two years to heal.

In the meantime I purchased 4 coccyx pillows that allowed sitting without pain, and let the area heal. I ended up moving to Nevada from Arizona and sought to find someone else who could help eventually. Ed Harwin's story 12-28-2006 seemed like a miracle to me. He had a similar injury, and pointed me to Dr. Sussman (see Doctors and specialists in the USA) at Incline Village on the other side of the state where I lived.

Exactly two years after my initial injury and pain onset, the pain subsided to a localized area the size of a quarter. I knew it was time to find Dr. Sussman and see if he could help. But after the two and one-half years of continual pain, and the inconvenience sitting with only a coccyx pillow I had my doubts. Out of fear of failure I put off seeking help.

Well, miracle of miracles, this week I saw Dr. Sussman and in a couple of minutes he had manipulated my coccyx and the pain is gone! I just can't believe my life is back, my pain is gone and I have Ed Harwin to thank along with Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Sussman.

My story is long and only abbreviated here, but there is hope. That long trip to Dr. Sussman was worth every mile because he gave me my life back. He is a wonderful, very knowledgeable Chiropractic doctor.

Sincerely Rebecca Hagan

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