Success story (please read my story)

Barbara -

Posted 2007-04-15

I had severe tailbone pain for almost two years, I tried every kind of treatment I thought was possible until I went to website and heard about cortizone injections, along with a internal coccyx adjustment. I decided I would try these two treatments together seeing as though I had already had one coccyx adjustment with prolotherapy and felt NO CHANGE!!! I first set up an appointment with my pain management doctor to receive a cortizone injection right into the tailbone ouch!!! Then immediately following that appointment I went straight over to see my chiropractor for an internal coccyx adjustment. It worked out well as I was still numb from the cortizone so I felt little pain while getting the adjustment. I definitely felt some relief (about 20% better) after my first treatment, the chiropractor told me I should do the same treatment again in one month. So a month later I set up another appointment with both the pain management doctor as well as the chiropractor, and wouldn't you know I felt another 20% better!! I told my doctors that "if I'm feeling 20% better each time then I should only have to have three more treatments before I'm back to 100%" (he agreed) so sure enough I went three more times for a coccyx adjustment (one month apart) with no cortizone for those last three treatments, and wouldn't you know I'm back to 100%!!!! I'm telling all of you people with coccyx pain THIS IS THE ONLY CURE!!!! please take advise from someone who had suffered from coccyx pain for almost two years. The proof is that I am right now at this moment sitting at my computer with no coccyx pillow and I've been sitting in this same position for almost two hours surfing the web!!! I just went to a movie at the theater last week for the first time in nearly two years, I was able to sit in those god awful seats with zero pain in the butt!!! It's so amazing to feel pain free again!! I honestly thought that I was just going to have to live with the pain the rest of my life. Please don't keep trying all those other treatments, and drugs like I did, none of them work!!! Good luck to all of you, I empathize with each and everyone of you!!! I'm active again with my husband and kids, and I'm back to jogging at the beach. I feel like myself again!!!


Barbara, Huntington Beach, California

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