I cannot seem to get doctors to listen


Posted 2007-05-06

I want to say that your site is a blessing. For the longest time I thought, actually I still think I have lost my mind. April 23rd, 2002 I was involved in a train crash. I only remember the noise of the crash and that I was no longer in my seat. But the fallout from that crash has ended my life. I have been complaining for 5 years of neck pain and pain in my lower back. I cannot sit for long because of the pain and sometimes transitioning from a sitting position to standing increases the pain. I cannot have intercourse or do anything that I used to like bike riding, sports, nothing. This has gotten me so down that I have actually considered suicide.

I have actually not been diagnosed with a coccyx problem. I cannot seem to get doctors to listen. They look for spinal problems or sciatica don't see it and give me pills. I have been told to wear a back brace but that does not help. I was given TENS unit and that does not help. I get absolutely no rest from pain.

I have been asked how does it feel and the only thing I can tell them is to put a rock or hard ball on your tail bone and sit on it, everyday. Now I get all of these other symptoms which I am finding is called Pelvic Floor Dysfunction. That is I have pain throughout my lower abdomen that extends back to the anus. I have printed out articles and papers on the subject and given it to my doctor. He has referred me to urology but I don't think they will see anything. Just about an hour ago I left a message for one of the doctors listed on this site. I really hope they can help me.

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