Coccyx doctor

Debbie -

Posted 2007-12-09

My name is Debbie and I was injured at work two years ago landing on my flashlight. I went through 2 years of sheer pain, until I found Dr. Edward Katz in Redwood City, California (see Doctors and specialists in the USA). He removed my tailbone on 26 November 2007 and yesterday the stitches were removed on 3 December 2007, heal time is about 3 months.

I am now waking each day thanking God and Dr Katz. The pain that is left is just surgical, no more sciatica, no more hip, pelvis. He has been a life saver. When I researched doctors he is up there at the top. He cares about his patients, not a revolving door doctor.

I'm telling you he is well worth the travel to get your life back.


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