Roller skating injury

Anonymous -

Posted 2007-04-08

I doubt this story will help anyone much, but I'm really hoping more for help for myself. I'm a skater and fell in January of this year breaking my tailbone. I landed on my skate and, for the first time in my life, I saw stars and was instantly sick. I have seen multiple doctors regarding my injury but am unable to get any answers whatsoever. It still hurts almost as badly as it did the evening I fell. The only response I get from these "Doctors" is "Have some more pain pills and remember to use your doughnut."

I have a small son and am on a competitive, aggressive roller derby team. These two things are my life. I need some sort of relief but can't be medicated all the time. Sitting (especially in the car) and even standing are so uncomfortable there are times I have to lay on the floor at the rink and watch the rest of my team become better and better at the sport I love while I just cry. I no longer function like a healthy 25 year old woman.

Any opinions or the names of doctors that specialize in this type of injury would be much appreciated.

Thanks so much!!

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