2nd birth - no injury!

Erin - eleugs@hotmail.com

Posted 2007-10-21

3 years ago I gave birth to a baby girl. I assumed I had an easy delivery since I only had to push twice. When the epidural wore off, I realized it wasn't. After hours of pain and none of the nurses knowing what was wrong, I finally got a visit from my doctor who said "Well you probably broke your tailbone." It was horrible. As many of you know, trying to care for a newborn while dealing with a broken coccyx is torture.

2 years later I got pregnant again and started to worry that I might break it again. I found this website and read many of the stories. I talked to my doctor and I even considered a c-section after hearing about other peoples' experiences. I decided to go for it and have a vaginal birth and LUCKILY I didn't break it!

So I just wanted to let you women know that it doesn't always happen again the second time around. It's still not a bad idea to consider a c-section, but don't assume it's automatic that you will break it again.

Now (3 years after the break) I've started taking a pilates class twice a week. Well, after 3 weeks my tailbone is really bothering me. I even skip the exercises where you balance right on your tailbone. I think it's from all the rolling. Anyway, I was just curious if anyone else has attempted pilates after their injury. I guess I just thought that 3 years would be plenty of time for it to heal. Maybe I should finally see a doctor about it...


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