Muscular problem vs. coccyx problem

Jill -

Posted 2007-09-09

Just a heads up to everyone out there still trying to fix their coccyx; pain in your coccyx area can be referred from the muscles that attach to it.

In my case, it was thought that I had bulging discs in my lumbar, then a bone spur from my coccyx, then finally, traumatic arthritis in the sacrococcygeal joint was thought to be the cause of my troubles. Then, after 18 months it appears that while a cortisone injection may have helped heal the joint, the pain continues. A pelvic floor specialist (MD) recently did the most thorough examination of all the Docs (ortho surgeons) I've seen to date. What he found was a lot of muscular trigger points; areas in the muscle that are basically wound up tight and in constant spasm. He is treating me with trigger point injections, manipulation and cold laser treatments.

The point is, investigate the possibility of a muscular source of pain, as it can refer to the coccyx and make you feel like it's your coccyx itself. Ortho surgeons (and most docs) will not even look at muscles-- since you can't see them via MRI or XRAY; they treat what they can see. You must find a dr. who knows about this, such as a Pelvic Disorder specialist.

Good luck.

Jill in SF

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