Forthcoming operation

Sue -

Posted 2007-04-15

My 22 year old daughter is having her floating coccyx removed next week. She is a dancer and the big worry is will she be able to dance again?. Does anyone have any experience of this and can you give me any indication of the healing time?. She is also booked on an 11 hour flight in July, do you think this will be possible?.


Update 2007-04-25

Jill had her operation on the 16 April in Cheshire. She was on Oral Morphine in hospital and is now taking Tramadol daily. On a pain level between 1 - 4 its stays at around 3 1/2. She has lost a lot of strength, her skin has deteriorated and her nails have gone very weak. She had dissolvable stitches which have now dissolved and left a small hole at the top of the wound which is weeping so has since been put on very strong antibiotics to combat infection. She has been taking a regular dose of Lactulose since before the op but has only had one bowel movement since.

If anybody can recommend an effective gentle laxative in the UK that would be great and also any hints and tips in getting comfortable.

This all sounds so negative, but its not, apart from the hole the wound is healing beautifully. Jill is walking up and down the stairs, showering and having a small walk daily. Her appetite is good so it's all a matter of time and patience.

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